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about us

who we are
the ruggieri consulting group is an organization specializing in the design, pricing, communication, implementation and administration of all health and welfare benefit programs, defined contribution retirement programs, and executive non-qualified plans.

we work with all of the major insurance providers, enabling us to produce creative benefit solutions for our clients. our knowledge of the full range of competitive choices available from the providers gives us the ability to provide valuable guidance to our clients. our administration outsourcing capabilities extend to complete program administration outsourcing including web-based employee enrollment and benefit management access. our retirement services area specializes in defined contribution and executive non-qualified plans, supplemental program planning and communication, and long term care plans.

because we operate exclusively in the benefits area, we deliver the highest level of focused expertise and professional service. our knowledge of network based hra/hsa programs allows us to support those clients who wish to incorporate this tool in accomplishing immediate and long-term health program objectives. our work includes the design and implementation of integrated short and long-term disability programs. creative design and sharp negotiation skills enable ruggieri consulting to deliver excellent results for our clients.

our process
ruggieri consulting performs a review of all benefit coverage, exploring new ways to enhance the programs and contain the costs of delivering coverage. our services in this regard include:

• program review and analysis
• selective program marketing
• implementation and communication
• ongoing support and administration
program review and analysis
using census, claims and plan design information we perform financial, demographic and geographic analysis that uncovers patterns and leads to pricing, design and funding recommendations. work performed includes:
• per capita claims formulation and trend analysis.
• diagnostic claims utilization review.
• demographic and geographic modeling.
• rate needs analysis and projection.
selective program marketing
to competitively price various plan design options we selectively approach viable providers to obtain formal proposals. carrier selection is based on:
• provider network match.
• product design availability.
• service performance record.
• negotiated network discounts
• cost considerations
• reporting capabilities
• performance expectations.
the most appropriate design options uncovered during our marketing would be packaged into a cohesive program able to deliver desired short and long term results. models of various combinations would be developed and reviewed in order to decide on final designs. packages developed would include benefit designs as well as contribution strategies.

implementation and communication
we would provide support to ensure a smooth and efficient transition into any new programs being offered. the implementation process would include:

• development of communication approach and specifics.
• communication to employees and enrollment process.
• organization of enrollment and transmittal to providers.
• coordination with providers on all account structure, systems, and booklet issues.
• confirmation of enrollment and initial id information first with providers, and then back to employees.
follow-up communication to employees stressing key points of the new program.
in order to educate employees about plan enhancements and how to achieve the optimum utilization of available options, we strongly suggest that mandatory employee benefit meetings be held. we would assist to whatever degree required to assure that such meetings are informative and productive. our involvement can range from simply supplying sample communication pieces to completely coordinating and conducting all meetings.

ongoing program support
once the new programs become operational, it is imperative that constant monitoring be conducted to assure future success. each client is assigned a lead ruggieri representative with overall servicing responsibilities. these professionals then access marketing and administrative specialists from our staff as needed. standard ongoing support services include:

• quarterly financial reviews for appropriate plans.
• semi-annual strategic planning to set and/or assess program objectives.
• annual renewal / rate need analysis and negotiation with carriers.
• annual year-end accounting reviews including 5500 preparation assistance.
• marketing activity as needed by client.
• implementation and communication of new or changed programs.
• day to day administrative and legislative support as required by client on issues such as claims, coverage, billing, and plan design.