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online benefit offerings

ruggieri consulting provides our clients with web-based employee benefit communications through a fully customized "online benefits office". we leverage today’s technology, through a strategic alliance with online benefits, inc., to improve access to information, thereby providing employees with a greater knowledge and appreciation of company sponsored benefit plans.

we can create and maintain a customized, secure and user-friendly "online benefits office" for our clients. this technology empowers employers, employees and family members by allowing them to:

• access benefit information 24 hours a day from anywhere (work, home, college, etc.)
• participate in "employee self-service"
• reduce administrative workload
• access important employer, vendor and insurance company forms
• choose and/or select participating providers online
• investigate the impact of important life events (i.e. marriage, birth of a child, etc.)
• learn about benefits by watching online multimedia presentations
• calculate the cost of numerous benefit options with "benefit choice modeling"
• link directly to vendor web sites
• view current and archived company memos
• recreate the company’s employee handbook in an easy to use web-based format
• conduct employee surveys online

for those clients choosing to utilize our administration services, the "online benefits office" can be enhanced to allow for enrollments and status change activities during open-enrollment periods and throughout each plan year.

ruggieri consulting delivers the on-line resources required by employers to meet the challenge of allowing employees access to their benefit program information via the internet.