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ruggieri consulting retirement services specializes in the design and communication of both defined contribution and non-qualified retirement program strategies. our approach to first conduct a thorough review of any current program offering including a competitive marketing of alternative program opportunities. the best options uncovered are then presented for client approval. upon final approval, our experts work to assure a smooth implementation into the new program. our representatives will conduct on-site education and enrollment communication meetings to foster maximum participation and employee satisfaction. on an ongoing basis, our professionals work with our clients to provide support and facilitate smooth administration. on an annual basis we provide a trustee report to review and analyze program results and identify future enhancements to maintain program competitiveness. following is a more detailed summary of our services:

plan review and marketing analysis
based on our review of an existing plan and our understanding of our client’s objectives and needs, we research the marketplace for programs that will meet the established criteria. as a means toward reaching a suitable recommendation, we evaluate:

• competency of the provider’s staff who will interface with the client’s human resource dept
• variety and quality of investment options
• comprehensive administrative and recordkeeping services provided in a timely manner
• competitive initial and on-going fee structure

installation and implementation
plan installation is often considered the most difficult part of the implementation process. we work with our clients as their partner and ensure that all the necessary steps are taken and documents prepared in accordance with the plan’s specifications. this process includes:

• plan design
• preparation and review of plan documents
• development of investment policy statement and selection of investment options
• gathering and delivery of employee data required to set-up systems
• coordination between plan sponsor-administrator-payroll vendor
• for existing plans, arrange the transfer of plan assets from prior trustee
• confirmation of participant account allocations

an effective on-going communication campaign is one that stresses the benefit of participation and guides participants through the difficult investment decision process. our registered representatives will:
• review and assist in the preparation of customized communication and enrollment material for distribution to employees
• conduct on-site enrollment meetings in a group setting
• provide on-on-one consultations for senior staff members ongoing support

once the plan is operational, we will:
• serve as facilitator and assist with administrative issues on an on-going basis
• meet with plan sponsor on a semi-annual basis to review status of the plan
• periodically monitor the performance of the funds included in the investment menu and advise the plan sponsor when changes are required
• arrange and work with employer’s representatives to set-up future enrollment meetings
• coordinate and conduct educational workshops covering areas of financial and retirement planning
• monitor the plan’s qualification status with respect to the following requirement:

  • 415 limits
• top heavy status
• 401(k) and (m) testing
• 5500 form preparation
• 1099 r
• 404c compliance

• suggest alternative corrective actions, as needed, to maintain plan qualification. advise the plan sponsor of any legislative changes affecting their plan on a timely basis

ruggieri consulting retirement services delivers the resources required by employers to meet the challenges of providing retirement programs to employees for today and tomorrow.